What do you think would happen?

If we all prayed the above prayer at the same time in history, what do you think would happen?
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will you put Jesus first?

I read that there are 2.1 million Christians in the world. What do you think would happen if all followers of Christ stopped and prayed at the same time? Let's look at a hard truth; The body of Christ is somewhat broken. It is said that there is over 40,000 denominations in the world, but we all worship the same Jesus. If we came together in one accord at the same time, I think we would see God move in a mighty way for his people. Who knows, maybe this is what he is waiting on; His church to come together and worship him. Do you think the sick would be healed? do you think our nations would be blessed? do you think our land would be blessed?
I do. I think we worship the same God that did mighty works in the bible. I think it's time to call on the glory of God once again.
I want to show the world the savior that I worship. When Elijah called on the glory of God, all of Israel fell down and worshiped the creator.
This is true revival, Remember God brings revival not man. And true revival is when all of the people of God praise him not parts of the body.
I think we can use the power of the internet to bring all Gods children together at one time in history to pray and praise his name.
I think December 25th, the day we celebrate our saviors birth would be the perfect day. I'm proposing 12 noon EST for this great calling on the God of the universe. He deserves our praise, he deserves our worship, he gave everything for us. Will you put him first? Will you put him above the world and pray with us at the same time to God?
Sign up, and lets see if we can get all the body of Christ on board in this short time span. Share with every means available. "The Call" will be huge, Our God will move! I am tired of satan thinking he is still the god of this world. Lets stand together for God and take dominion back. Let's show the world who their God is, and this will bring millions to Christ. That's what it is about right?
Jeremiah 33:3 says;
"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not" 
Come on church, its time to call on the lord.
Do not miss this, let's see God move on his people.